Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Lean For Life

The goal of Valley Weight Loss is for you, the patient, to be successful. It is our belief that ultimate success involves not only losing weight, but learning to keep it off. For this reason, we use a three-level approach:

1-Weight Control

2-Metabolic adjustment

3-Long-term maintenance

A Unique Method

The Valley Weight Loss program employs the innovative B6 regimen, which enables you to lose the maximum weight possible in the shortest amount of time. We also use vitamin B12 which is essential for the production of blood cells and helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. The fat burning injection decreases fat deposits, speeds up the metabolism, and naturally removes fat from the human body.

You're Not Alone

You should never begin a weight control program without medical supervision, at Valley Weight Loss our physician and our nurses provide not only supervision, but support. You will visit our clinic 3 times a week. Our nurses are there to chart your progress, answer questions and provide solutions to problems. Most people who have entered our doors as "patients" leave as "friends".

Yes, You Can Afford It!

Our Weight Loss Programs are competitively priced. When you consider the results, you'll find it to be invaluable.